From Thumbtack

Corey Crist has been my personal trainer for about 2 1/2 years! I have always been a runner, but decided as I'm getting older I need to expand into other directions and strengthen my body so that I am able to do the things I want as long as I want.  Corey challenges me to find the inner strength and be the best I can! He sets realistic goals that give me a balance and a projected time for improvement! Corey always remains aware of any physical limitations and keeps my workout within the range that's comfortable for me, but still pushing me to believe and achieve even more! Corey doesn't feel that this is a job; it's a mission. He provides strength, awareness, education, and friendship along the way. As seniors, we do sometimes let ourselves fall into a rut! Corey has taught me that although we do get older we don't have to get old! If you're feeling a little shy about starting out he will make you very comfortable, and if you're afraid to start alone then he has group classes that are a lot of fun! Grab a couple of your friends and start your own group class that's what I did and you will find yourself very soon in competition and having a great time! It is so easy to make excuses, but the reality is if we don't use it we lose it! Besides the weight training and jogging, I have been motivated to start cycling and hiking! You feel much better about yourself and that reflects on the other people around you! Corey Crist is dedicated, motivated, and the best investment that you can make for yourself!

Tammy- Tigard, OR