Small group training is a fun, effective and affordable way to reach your fitness goals. Our nationally recognized certified trainers lead these groups focusing on individual strengths, goals and fitness levels of the participants. Group training mirrors a 1 hour personal training session, but you can do it with friends, family, co-workers or any other group you would like to get together. The sessions are customized to meet the needs of each group’s participants. We have groups that have trained for runs, explored kick boxing, kept in shape with pre-natal training, gathered groups of parents and their children for family fitness, many for basic fitness routines and some even prepared for a body building competition. Whatever the group needs, we will customize a plan. Group training is specific to your group and can be done at a time and place of your choice.

Private one on one sessions are a great way to workout, especially if you want to set your own schedule as to when to meet. Workouts are 60 minutes and can be done in the comfort of your own home, another location of your choice or in a personal training studio in Beaverton. Your form and technique will get the most attention and each work out is designed for your specific weaknesses and strengths. The 1-on-1 personal training sessions with a professional trainer also offer




Boot Camps are progressive and results driven, with each boot camp lasting six weeks, meeting one to three times a week in a designated location. You can also drop-in on boot camp training sessions for a small fee to get a better feel or to spice up your current workouts! Some of our Boot Camps are:

BURN- Fat, Burn, Sweat: Prepare to melt all that fat away! If you are not sweating on this one, something is wrong with your glands. An invigorating interval training workout, which alternates between strength training and bursts of cardio! Not only will you scorch calories during your BURN sessions, but you’ll produce results that will have you coming back for more! All levels welcome.

GUTS: Military inspired training using body weight exercises and various types of equipment. Every day is a different workout.

Power Abs & Core: Training that focuses on the complete core; upper, middle and lower abs, obliques, low back muscles, glutes and hip flexors.

Wedding/Big Event Boot Camp:This is our no-fail, full body bootcamp, designed for brides-to-be, their well-dressed guests or anyone looking to amp it up before a big event this summer. For best results, these workouts should be performed 3 times per week with a day of recovery in between (MWF or T,TH,Sat) for a total of 4 weeks. 

New Mom Boot Camp:Be all the mom you can be with an hour long workout that is fun for the whole family. Bring your baby or toddler – no childcare required! Each class includes cardio drills, strength training, and corework. This is not “just a strolling” class, you will work hard and be rewarded with results. We welcome ALL fitness levels and always show both high and low intensity modifications.