Welcome to Inner Hero Personal Training​!                    

Have you stopped using your gym membership? Do you have a busy work or family schedule that keeps you from achieving your fitness goals? Are you looking to lose weight, tone, and increase cardio endurance? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Inner Hero Personal Training is for you! At Inner Hero Personal Training, we have a fitness solution that will change both your body and your life.We offer a personal training studio, personal fitness training and customized personal training packages.

What exactly does Inner Hero Personal Training do? 
We provide comprehensive fitness and exercise routines for your convenience at the location you choose; comfort of your own home, garage, apartment, backyard or in the local training studio located in Beaverton, Oregon. We Service the Beaverton, Tigard, Sherwood, Tualatin and Hillsboro neighborhoods in Oregon. We specialize in:
·         Weight Loss
·         Muscle Toning
·         Cardio Endurance
·         Core Strengthening
·         Flexibility and Agility
·         Fitness Assessments Upon Requests 

Tamara Tver

Tigard, OR

"The best investment that you can make for yourself!"


​Deliver the best possible fitness experience by challenging, motivating and inspiring our clients to achieve their fitness dreams and unleashing their inner hero.Our relentless effort, passion for helping others, fitness background, education and an impossible is nothing mentality will build trust, break down barriers and establish a long lasting fitness partnership. On this journey, our clients will focus on caring for their mind and body so they can ultimately care for others. We will show our clients that their heroic side consists of all the stuff they already know they’re good at, but intriguingly includes a vast treasure chest of untapped strength and potential that they’ve probably never acknowledged. Once we unleash this potential, they will use their new found power to impact their day in some amazing, yet very practical way.

Personal Fitness Training